Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lorraine's pages to me

 Open spread from Lorraine, down in Georgia, this is the two pages and inner spread she sent me to start my book from her...we used the metal rings that you can add to...as I said before I want it to be really chunky...well my hopes for it are that...
 Left my task list there next to the page on the kitchen counter...happy to say everything on the list was accomplished...Love days like that.
Back page to her art journal pages. 

I would like to share with you an artist and creative coaches site that I've found on Create Mixed Media  Quinn McDonald... you can see on her post she's got some great ideas but I love going back into her blog and she shares the difference of a diary and journal...good stuff. 

This morning I was sent an email by my email company I use to send out those eblast...you know the ones for the classes, workshop and shows I send out...They let me know they were sorry for the delay as of I was flooded with responses from many dear friends and family members to the email Mother's Day Card I sent out...I was flooding myself this morning with the tears that welled up from hearing from all of you...Thanks everyone, Mothers Day was Great was able to spend time with the good loving people in my life and hang out in my studio all afternoon...what a gift.

Well off to teach the last class of the Composition in Collage today...Hope to get some great pictures of my student's works..

Make every thing you do today be rooted in Love...and Oh we will be so happy inside.

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