Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Last class of session 3

 Eileen's work...which was very interesting to watch her work with a large soft pastel drawing/paint and bring it in cut up and share it with Linda(who's piece is below)  she created papers to match the colors and with a little trip to the art supply store..Dick Blick's she added some really nice fiberous papers. I think she was delighted with it too. 
 Linda was able to come in to the last two class days of session 3 and she also used the soft pastel background paper and was inspired to work with the flow that was happeing and brought in some of the shared collage papers and a little words...Very nicely done.

Rachelle and her pieces...she has a wonderful color and arrangement sense to her work, though she is a graphic artist. Here she's work on three piece at once creating a triptych with her collages. I'll be excited to see them in a show soon.

Re dazzled us with her piece that just flowed off the canvas here...Wonderful use of 3-D or shall I say assemblage piece in this collage..Re choice the hards of the ways to start the canvas and that was the free form collageing with painted back ground.  she has some of her Italian words in there also as image transfers. 

Rita, I met at the one of the Dillman's Demos just recently and she came into my third session of collage class and I'm so impressed with the works she is doing.  She already has one of these piece hanging in the NAP gallery show now..Well done there Rita.

I love to see the goodies all around the work area as of Roberta has her paper bits there and it's great see the artist in action...I'm really love the risk taking she's doing with a wood grain showing through and the dripping effect with the collage...Can't wait to see this piece finished too.

Ruth wasn't able to make the first two classes of this session but she was able to come in to the last and ended with a bang...she's making a few gift here for her boss and son in law I beleive...Wonderful job Ruth.

I so enjoy watching the student explore their personal expression through art. I didn't get Melissa work in this time she had to leave early before we got to the show and tell part of the class, but we are all loving her collection of collage she has going on...beautiful little window in to a story she's telling.

The classes where set up to grow with and from, learning the basics of design in as quickly as we could as you all know one can always study design and continue to brush up on it at any stage of their creative course... so now class are done till the fall..I have a few Workshops scheduled and you can see them listed on the side bar of the blog.. 

Using a collage sketch from magazine pages below I then used papers from scrap box I bought to class and created the 10 x 10 on clay board with cradle 2" sides...

title is BGM 215 and I'm not done with it yet...may have to set it aside till I get back from my trip but there's a good start.. 

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