Saturday, May 07, 2011

Just a bit a ramblings

With classes and the workshop coming up fast I'm been a bit of a scatter brain and filled with emotional excitement..I have all my supplies but the studio is a pig pen.  I really need to get there this weekend but it's that time of year when family gatherings as you all know...we have a communion to attend today at my sister's for my young nephew..always a good time over there...lots of young ones...makes me thankful that we have past that stage in our lives...Oh though I love being a mom I've gone through that part and now excited for the ages we have now which is watching them make choices about their adult lives and having boy friends and girl's the beginning of the extended  family time in our lives. 

I've been bombarded with how to's on blogging lately, you know the email coaching sites...all the do's and don't's of this game of sharing your life and marketing something...just when you got it going they change the game plan...but I have to say I'm not to worried about it all...though I do want to keep the art and my teaching going it's not that big of deal...I guess I find when I put to much into all that part I lose worrying about how you're suppose to do it right...Might I say the people that are marketing their skills about marketing they are sharing with us all the tricks they themselves have to use too as they are a business trying to stay in business especially on line...Oh I'm not trying to diss anyone it's just something I see as facts...or as the husband's been saying lately.."the truth is"    Such an act to follow all the ways to market and get the word out there...I can see and feel my own self wanting to pull in and not jump on the next new way but I do have to be aware of of I would like to start selling my own work that is shipping size here on line.  Keeping it simple is the hardest part.. and I mean keeping is simple so that I can manage it with out taking up to much more time...

Time.. time... time, where do you find the time....seems to be the million dollar question.   Oh if your serious "they say" you make that time... As for me it works this way..."you let go of one job and hope it doesn't pile up to big while you tend to the other and hopefully you can return to it next week and tend to it" funny though is I'm not a procrastinator but it really makes me look like that when you can't juggle it all in one week or a month. and for some who aren't not making enough to hire someone to what do you do?   

Center yourself...see what is most important to you and do a bit of soul seeking about it...well that's what I try to do...And make the list to follow and try to make small steps forward towards the task your trying to work at...seems I need this pep talk today...

Well I can tell I personal need to be in my studio...I'm finding I'm creating some drama, oh not like the reality show stuff on TV but...I feel it starting up where I knit pick a event..or as some say judge it and then I start adding my opinion in there and saying they should do this blah, blah blah...kind of stuff and that's my warning sign...I'm treading on thin ground here that I have to go and create something off the canvas...So my hopes are to get a bit of time in today and tomorrow...on Mother's Day to be in my studio and working on my class piece and start on we can finish up the class with a bang!  Then its on to the packing my heart out for the Dillman's trip...Oh I'm so excited I might stop back to visit with my parents in Wisconsin on the trip home...they would like that...I know I would too.

just want to add some extra info...Art Biz Blog today has some good stuff.

and one of my favorite documentaries lately is Who Does She Think She is?

Being a woman, artist, wife and mother...the balancing act is always a weighty issue with us...but it's who a lot of us are and we can't drop one for the other so we stumble, bumble and humbly move forward and make our peace with it all and then we see the passion was there and has been created... 

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