Thursday, May 26, 2011

ICE 13 International Collage Exchange and Exhibit

1. Mimi Shapiro's pieces, she from Lancaster PA, she always makes a little book of the rest of the collage she has put in the exchange.
 2.This is Jo Murray from Australia, we have each other works.
3. Dianne Vottero Dockery piece, she's from Kutztown PA.

 4.Carol Staub's collage and she's from Florida
 5. Cordula Kagemann's collage..I see her on facebook now and then and we have ties that go back a few years ago.

6. Clarie Marcus's collage and she's from Yarmouthport MA

 7. Leila Hunter is close to Dale, she lives in New Plymonth New Zealand

8. Rita Rasmussen's collage and she's from Powell River, BC Canada

 9. Pat Snyder's collage and he's from Coos Bay OR.  I think they have gallery up that way that Jonathan Talbot was in a while back...I remember the name..Coos Bay.

 10. Mary Ellen Long's collage she's from Durango Co.

11. Linda Feldman's collage she's from Durham NH...I remember seeing her collages when I curated an exhibit at the Artful Gatherings some time ago...then I sent them to Cordula in Germany.

12. Elisabeth Holmes's Collage, I think she was in the Human Artefaks show too at Artful Gatherings.

Well there you have it my collage exchange...ICE 13, Seem I sent out all Crow pictures and I almost got back just as many... pretty good sort there Dale...You can see all about it at

Happy with all my collection's really cool to do this I don't usually do it every year but I slipped in by my tail feathers this year...I think I was number 111.. 4 more after me...


  1. Lovely to see the collection Laura. Glad you got one of mine. I hadn't thought of posting mine but I should do so.

  2. thanks so much for posting! i will try to do the same! have had a tooooo busy week! but maybe soon! xox mimi

  3. Great collection Laura. Been reading lately but having blogger troubles commenting so I do hope this comes through. Excited about all that's been heading your way lately; the growth, the peacefulness.

  4. Share when you do put them up ladies..that would be so cool.

    Elena, you've been having your attention needed in other areas of you life so no worries...take you time lady..


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