Saturday, May 21, 2011

Home and unpacked from Dillman's Creative Art Foundation

It's about 5:30 Saturday Evening...Can't believe it... at just around 8:00ish this morning I was at my parent's home in Montello WI.   Just this whole week was so wonderful. First off it was my first adventure on my own and away from the family for so long.  Sound a bit crazy but they did find, it was me getting home sick for the family and all the wonders that happen... Which I'm sure the girls in the workshop hear me jabber jawing about...Everyone at home did fine without me which they do fine with me home so it really didn't matter to them. 

I can't help but want to bottle the experiences and  pull it out in future. The air was so clean and crisp, fresh and no after smells, the sounds again are awesome...I was sharing with my dad this morning and I said it really forces you to stand still and listen  so much is going on around us and we need to stop and listen...the sounds are so special to fill the senses.

On the way home I was thinking of each and everyone one of the students.   Joanne..which we only got to have her presence for about an hour, her quick wit and spunkiness delighted us all...I'm sure if she stayed the whole time we would have had agreat time with her.   Maureen a past workshop student of mine came out this way to this workshop and I could tell she was really enjoying the whole experience...quiet bird that she is...I could still tell. She even stayed an extra day to just do nothing and soak up all the North woods she could.. She was lodging right on the point and had the wonders of the beginning light every morning.   Mona, our travel bug and buddy of Jill was really an inspiration, I so loved to hear her story about when she was a Kindergarten teacher. Jill is from Ark. and she travels up this way quite a bit so she's come to Dillman's a few years ago, what positive person she is.... and Deanna...she from Hayward and had her four legged buddies with her...Roady and Holly Joy(?)... both four legged wonders.

I could share more but I'm still processing it all and like I said earlier I might bottle it up and just carry my memories of this wonderful experience for my first time of teaching at Dillman's Creative Art Foundation, Sue, Denny, Stephanie and Todd really know what they are doing are really caring people.. Thanks Everyone for a Awesome time...


  1. Laura, I am absorbing all the creations from your students. Just inspiring! As always, you bring out so much in your people! Beautifu work from everyone!


  2. I put in for one more day with them next year so they get a chance to make some big stuff if they want to..


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