Sunday, May 15, 2011

Filling the senses

As I drove up here the weather had her moments of some drizzle...but wasn't to bad of a ride. Made two for the rest area and one to have some lunch then headed in.   My eyes saw the colors the landscape changes...pale greens on the lighter side with the richness of the evergreens, with mounds of pale brown/pink, I figure the tree branches, some buds and old leaves left from last year filled the rows and rows of trees...I see from my walk this morning the populars are really plentiful here also.. it's about 8:15 now and been on a 5 mile walk already and having my morning breakfast...The sounds of the crow and eagle flying round the one Reservations school playground was kind of funny...I stood there for away at the end of the one road where I had planned on turning around and coming back...about 2 1/2 miles one way...the sounds are so cool...the winds are blowing pretty strong and through the pines sounds like waves of water coming in on a shoreline...I'm sure it will changes as more leaves develope on the other trees...still just buds on them.. The Ravens circling together and landing in a far off tree was a wonderful morning surprise..I heard one chatting way, a lot deeper then a crow.  Oh and the woodpeckers lots of them and you can hear them doing what they do best miles away.

Well as you can tell I could soooo easily stay here in the north woods for the rest of my life..Today though I'll be setting up the room and tonight we have a get together and here all the details and tomorrow is the big day to start.  

I have to say I've been filling my well big might even over flow here..but I'll give tomorrow in the it will all balance out..

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