Monday, May 16, 2011

Day one at Dillman's

 We have our Stuff  and all good stuff outed and with the small class we had room to spread out and boy did we... Everyone is loving the space.
 Mona is using the gesso to alter the old book page. We will be adding acrylics to the papers tomorrow, just making sure everything is dry for tomorrow.
 Maureen is using her stamp with the polymer as a resist.  All the surprises will come tomorrow when the acrylics is added. 
 Jill is working with the polymer also.
 Deanna is using the stencil under the magazine papers to create some great texture papers.
 Maureen's Citra Solv papers are wonderful,some of the National Geographic might be older ones...or it was the image and subject matter that can effect the papers and the colors I'm sure..
 This is the table we have out side set up for the Nevr Dull magazine pages we did..
This is the Tom Lynch studio room...Which is a the biggest one at Dillman's... as you can see we have the space...The day was a bit on the cooler side but the sun off the lake and it warmth was such a blessing..we all enjoyed the time out on the Nevr Dull table.  We all retired at 5:30pm and I think we need a good nights sleep and we will be ready for fresh new day tomorrow. We worked good and hard today.

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  1. What fun! And what a wonderful room! Love your outdoor pix below too. Can't wait to see Day 2!


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