Thursday, May 05, 2011

Class, and a walk in the woods

 I was able to remember to charge my batteries before class on Tuesday and take some picture of the students working on their pieces.. I didn't get everyone as some had to leave earlier.  You can see their really getting into it now... we've experimented with the different approaches to the white surface and they are getting some wonderful results I feel.
 Virgina Blue Bells out in full bloom...this batch is tucked away off the path, I had to go in and stand there and be part of the blue hue grand.
 Right after the tall grass prairie I enter back in to the woods and there you see the deer up on the left side ahead...she's not drop her little one yet at they will birth the fawns soon at the end of May and or beginning of June...the lush greens are coming out so the Doe's can gather all the nuturtion for the young growning inside.   The Bucks have dropped their antlers about a month or so ago and now you see a few bumps on their heads. You have to look closely to tell them apart when you see them even the young ones that were born last late Spring they have the velvet bumps too, but on a small scale.
Here you see the same deer as I got up closers...their pretty comfortable with the wood walkers, I say about 20 feet away I was...maybe a bit more... what a wonderful walk as the clouds broke up and sun was shinning...

Today is the homestead and little running around to tend to..

off to get a groove thing going on that..


  1. Looks like a terrific class, Laura.

    What a beautiful space you have to take your walks!

    I hope you have a happy Mothers Day this Sunday.

  2. Oh Angela I hope the same for you...


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