Monday, May 16, 2011

A bit of Paradise

 I wandered as I sometimes do and found these steps leading to the photo below.  I later found out that in the line of past family of them was a step pool sales person that sold ladders for pools and so the steps were saved and inbedded into the concrete of the steps cool.
 The waters were a bit choppy, no white caps but a lot of wind. Pictures just can't capture the view..but had to take it anyway.
 This is the point of Dillman's Bay...this is where wedding ceremonies are held, which is really cool.

 Well I had some time to kill and decided to head back in to one of the towns around here and found myself at a children's funny I thought I have not children with me and I have this time but here I am at the zoo.  well the love of animals...I got a close up of the wood ducks..such beautiful colors..I see them back home in the woods that I walk in, not as close but there their.
This guy had me thought...A Camel,  Big and a bit overwhelming when he came to the fence.  You see they have feeding pellets for everyone to feed the animals with but I didn't so they all came to the fence in hopes of getting a hand out I guess. I held my Camera up to take this picture, he was huge and the big brown eyes and the lips on this creature are so neat.   I stood there and thought..hope he doesn't spit on I've heard camels can and will do that.. so I wondered off. 

No walk this morning..I took one yesterday but I'm going to spend a bit of time just gathering my thoughts before heading out and over to the studio...I'm so excited and trying to hold it all in...hard to do, I have one more person from in the town area that will be coming so that will be 5 students. I'm happy about that and prepared... Oh and I heard about Anne Morgan...a wonderful artist that she doing well I guess some illness in the family had her focusing on that and now she's getting back into things again...she good friend with Sue and Dennis here...Two of the students have taken her workshop here when I first meet Anne about three years ago..great to hear..

Well more later....

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