Monday, May 23, 2011

Back into the swing of things...

I woke up this morning with the urge to run upstairs to the studio right away and get started on some new projects or at less get back on course.  My personal course that is of what I would like to be doing...I've got small steps I've made like buying boxes for shipping and the nice clear sleeves for slip artwork in that's been matted and ready to pop into a is to read up on on-line sales...then there's the 6 pieces I did awhile ago that I would like to carry on with and make 6 more...these will be my personal study for the larger ones. So with coming home from this wonderful week away in the North woods I've had a some time to do a bit of introspective work and what I gathered it I want to do so much and be involved in so much creative activity but I also have my own ideas that I would like to express so..I pulled out Alyson B Stanfield's book..I'd rather be in the studio  and started to read that this morning and will continue it all the way through... I also will be pulling out some of my past Artist Calendar magazines which now it called Professional Artist...all to refresh my brain on the ins and outs of things..  The hardest part about this all is I've realized I do create for an attention...Does that sound right...As I have this ideas I want to get out there from the insides but I create to get deciding to make a little bit of change and focus harder on some areas then others and cutting out the extra little creative things which are fun and bring the attention I'm thinking of a more business side of things...Oh I bet you think I'm going around and round on it all.  Well I am...I've never looked it up and don't plan on it but I believe my brain is trying to grab it all and be involved in it all and it's just not possible, So I'm starting to do a bit of sorting for a while  what's working and whats not...

My little intentions I pull from each day are...from the cup of the 12 step slogans...Just for today and from the bowl of stone wisdom I pick Pain=change...hmmm

Well it's time to get off and get on with the day...Plans are the studio time first..


  1. pain=change...
    Ooo, that's a big one !
    Hope the pains are small and the change is smooth. :0)
    Happy Monday !

  2. Laura, pain = growth! This is very good, and the process never stops. We should always welcome growth. This means I don't have to be so stuck on my "self"!!

  3. Thanks ladies...Like that smooth change and not being stuck on myself so much...good words of wisdom.


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