Saturday, April 16, 2011

Took the day off

I woke up and had a funny feeling that I wanted to not do what I've been doing every day now for a while and that was working towards something...preparing and packing etc. Not crabbing just needing a break so I headed out early kind of artsy fartsy dressed and visited a few friends at this one place and had a wonderful time listening...and hearing what's going on in their lives. Looking for comfort,  I was feeling a bit anxious about something and really don't know what...could be the natural age thing of hormones going on but it was what I needed and really grateful I went. I got the idea to take my mother in law out to lunch..hadn't done that in oh so.. long. She's a busy woman and hard to know when she has an open spot or even myself having an open slot of time. My son came along and we enjoy lunch out.  Came home and just hung out with the husband (started raining and he came home early from work) and watched a little afternoon TV...that was weird but we both needed a day off and then we had some out of town friend stop by and we enjoyed a bit of old's good to take a day off from the norm. Energizes the body.   Today is the day!  we had rain and may have a bit more but it's time the weight of knowing I  need to do this task of sewing my display panels is to I'm looking forward to feeling good by the end of the day as of accomplishing this really simple task of straight stitch's just I have to do it 10 I know by the time I get to the last few I'll be able to do it in the dark or blind folded. So off to gather the needed supplies for the job ahead of me..
List-sewing machine, thread, pins, scissors (without glue stuck on them or paint) display panels(need to pull them out of storage, not happy to do that) music and rain...yes rain but I may not be able to command that all day though it is calling for a day of it...As I stated before a creature of habit, I always like to sew in the spring when it was raining out side even a bit of a  thunderstorm would be great...strange but just a habit, so today it seem very natural to be doing it..

Crack" crack' Was that the whip of the task master....oooo best be moving on this.. 

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  1. Nice to take that break and rejuvenate!


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