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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rainy day and hanging out in the studio this afternoon

 This piece is 12 x 12 collage painting, I inter mingle the soft gel gloss and Polymer using the tack iron and papers and paints and conte crayons this time.. I started this in class the last session and I hate to have things undone if there's potentially to it...And these I work very fast and spontaneous so I had stopped half way through.. which was a good test for myself to see if I could come back into it after a good week and a half.  There's more to this piece but with the rain I could go out side to take a picture so I used the scanner.. a bit of gold hot foil is showing.

These two piece came from an emulations of another piece of art photo I had...I showed them to my oldest daughter and she said Urban Green and well I thought that was just right for them...I may make another one don't know I was suppose to be starting to focus on preparing papers for my workshop and planning out the big project I want to get back in to...but something happened...I keep getting sidetracked and off in to the nother world I go...

I'm thinking about ordering some boxes soon and gearing up for some blog sales...these just might be up for sale..

Ok time for dinner...

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