Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pearls of wisdom

A small list of to do's today but need to stay on course as a ships captain would say...I have a meeting tonight with the committee from the Make Your Mark Journal Project...which I've got to get on my today a bit more...I've got two one is in Virginia with Dreama now but other one is with me...anyways we need to get a move on things as of finishing up the plans of completing this year long project in September as that is when we want to have a Exhibition of the Journals and quite possibly a auction...But that's what to be discussed tonight..

Then tomorrow...yes tomorrow not to sound like I'm putting off but I will prepare in the morning for a Demo at Downers Grove Library.. bit of history and process of collage...I'm excited that have asked me to present this at the time of our/MCS big show...I've not seen it but maybe I should sneak over today and take a peek so I have a bit more information to prepare for as I move along in my presentation...well I'll's a plan.

Keeping it simple and on target and doing the foot work. 

I picked today from my puzzle cup of slogans....First things First  and from my fortune bowl of stones I picked....Live from the Heart...Great little pearls of wisdom I will gather today and try to care out..

Oh and a wild flower report from the woods and the back yard....Virginia blue bells are showing their first parts of green along with Trout Lillies, some Trilluims and Blood root with the beautiful white flowers..  Happy to see that...

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  1. Those woodland flowers are calling!


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