Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday New week

A few things in are in the works for the week, I have a Make your Mark Meeting to present on Wednesday night to the committee and Thursday Night I will be presenting a Demo at the Downers Grove Public Library...which coincides with the exhibit hanging now by the Midwest Collage Society till the end of the month...preparing, and packing for that...also I have my class on Tuesday...tomorrow which I'll be getting ready for today...spent a lot of time out side yesterday. Hank wasn't to sure he likes the heat...doing a bit of pacing and hard to settled down and relax...At one point I took them both Carl and Hank across the street to walk around the basin, Carl jumps right in to the dried Cattails but Hank wasn't to sure the first time but yesterday he was in them and Laying in there looking out at me...didn't dawn on me why...he was laying in the wet muck of the basin...cooling off..might have to get a kiddy pool for him...I know that Carl has no problem with water...the springer spaniel in him it must be but for Hank this summer will be his first with us and we will see  how he handles it...Well off to tend to the Monday task list...

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