Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Getting some focus and ready for what's ahead.

Well things have been floating around in my head and I've been talking a bit about it but it's time to put in on paper for myself...Like all those other business plans we hear about I would like to get busy back on my long lost project I started when I was making up some samples for a job that I didn't know if I would get but I need to show them something. Well while I was making them more ideas started to flow and I would like to get back on task with it..

You see the idea to make up 12 of the 12  x 12 collage on watercolor paper mat them and frame them and then from those move to a larger format and use the same composition with some flexiablity and see what I get on canvas or clay board...I have a show scheduled this year at the Downers Grove Library and if I don't put a task list up I won't be able to see where I can do a little each day to work towards it.

I'm all confirmed now with details for the Cancer Center with Little Company of Mary...I'll be having 30 students for 3 hours...so along with getting a task list ready for my own personal project I'll be in the preparing mode for this workshop on April 29th and 30th...I'll be working with an awesome Lady-Carole Wilson and all her lovely people she works with. I'm the invited Guest Artist coming in, Each year they have a Creative, spiritual retreat weekend where each year the same happens with different artists. I really feel this is a blessing to be asked.  I'm really looking forward to this opportunity to met all these women.. 

So off to tend to the homestead and hang out in the studio with paper and my animals today... we're to be getting some nasty weather rolling through...The Thunder beings will make them self know today I bet.

Tomorrow I start a 5 day Give away as of for 5 day any one can comment on my questions I post and on the 6th day I gather all the names commented and a name will be drawn out of a hat and you could be a winner...Stay tuned.

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  1. Glad to hear this workshop evolved, sounds like a great experience!


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