Thursday, April 07, 2011

Doing some experimenting or pushing myself out of the comfort zone

The beauty of sharing things espeically in a class setting allows me the challenge to push myself too. I've wanted to touch back into this kind of work for a while...I did it when I created a series Flash was a very freeing experience to work fast and wet and trust my inner gut and as I would like to say run with it...
I hope to do more here soon so many ideas that need to come out and so many wonderful direction to go in...these pieces are 10" x 10" but the big challenge it going bigger.. 

Now this was an assignment or starting off point for a one piece we are working on in Composition in Collage Session #3...I'm really excited about it...I don't normal work with a view finder and I'm have to say I'm having some fun with it.. and also you can see I've not capture the image in the view finder as perfectly as it is...but why should I?   I am the artist and I do allow the papers to guide me too so following my gut I decided to let the best parts of myself come out and create....I hope the concept of this comes across with my students it is just a way to greet the white surface another way to approach and construct...Inspiration comes and then creative steps in and you off an running again. We are touching base on this in class as of a few other approaches so that the students can find what fits their personal style of beginning...some of my students come from a more traditional back ground and want to be a bit looser with there work.

Demonstration tonight at Kishwaukee Valley Arts League...Dekalb IL.. planning, packing and preparing..Road grateful for the new vehicle...not happy about the gas prices but life goes on and we stay as flexible as we can..well I try to.

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