Thursday, April 14, 2011

Collage Art Movement

If you come out to see the Demonstration tonight you will also see over 60 collage art pieces on display by the Midwest Collage Society, exhibit is up till the end of April.

Collage Art Movement

Collage artist and co-founder of the Midwest Collage Society, Laura Lein-Svencner will share the history of collage and the movement it is creating in the art world today. Lein-Svencner will demonstrate popular techniques used to create collage papers and proper glues used to ensure the longevity of the artwork. She will also show methods of executing image transfers with the tack iron and wet gluing, sharing the pros and cons of both.

Contact: Melissa Doornbos, 630-960-1200,

As you can see I've got some preparing, packing and presenting tonight...Building up the arm muscles and getting them ready to go for the Fair Season...I so enjoy sharing this with other and I really love the excitement in people eyes and Idea start coming out about what they could do.

Planing on fitting in a bit of woods medicine as of my walking in the morning hours here to keep me grounded and balanced...always helps...

See you all tonight!

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