Monday, March 21, 2011

When plans change we adjust...

So I started off with a plan...A and then that didn't work and moved to plan B...I didn't work on my big piece yesterday instead I made more images to put into it but needed to wait till all the layers were dry that build the skin of the image transfer so there went play A...I have a 3 hour Collage Workshop to present on Next Monday for the Waubansee Collage in Sugar Grove and I need to prepare some things so I spent a good portion of the day making some papers.. I coated the backs of most of them so that it cuts time in the classroom...last year not knowing how time would go in the three hours I had to cut things short and it felt like half the class wasn't finished...I would like that not to happen this time so doing some noodling ahead of the game to make sure. 

Missed a dear friends birthday...turned 50 this year.. was feeling bad about that so I called was a blessing as we share things from our past that felt so good and we can really relate to each other as we are mother of 4, three girls one boy, artist and at the fine ages that we are when the body start acting up on us and we don't know what to yes it was a belated birthday wish and a blessing...

I have a book group this morning at the Travelers Cafe and I'm excited about it as everyone should be there...6 of us...we will see how that all goes. 

Time to put Dinner in the slow cooker and get a package ready to send out to Mary Beth Shaw and then back home to try to check all the other things off the list and maybe a bit of studio time.

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