Saturday, March 26, 2011

Watercolor media Workshop this weekend...

Heading to take a workshop myself this weekend...last minute and excited to do it...Not sure if I have all the supplies but will fake it  to make it... Marilynn Derwenskius,  it will be at Naperville Art League today and tomorrow...I really have very little time to do this but I'm going to any ways...bringing the camera and hoping to get some good shots..

Got to bust a move my ride will be her soon...

Oh and I'm dropping off these two piece for the AFA Best of Best show..

 Ancient Message won First place with Midwest Collage Society last year...
24 x 40

Sex Drive won at the Naperville Art League for Word Play...16 x 16

I have to say my short attention to things really all the work I've been showing is so different from each other...One reason is the limit of the papers that I make some one of kinds...and also I'm very experimental, so I'm always pushing myself to try new things or to bring about new ideas traveling around in the old head...makes it hard to show consecutive work to a gallery I guess.  it's all mixed media with collage as the base..what can I say...having some good old fashion fun and seeing where it takes me.. meeting great people and learning new stuff...another sign of great success. 

OK getting a bit wordy to pack my lunch and the rest of my supplies. 


  1. That's wonderful that you're having fun with your art!

  2. Enjoy taking this time for you, Laura! Have a sweet Sunday !

    (PS. - Ancient Message makes me drool. Congrats !)

  3. Ancient Message is really comforting, would like to walk right into it!


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