Sunday, March 13, 2011

Walked many miles and did a road trip too

Didn't know that my daughter snapped a picture of me...caught me at a sad moment..

I found myself a bit broken in spirit and wanting to hide after Friday night...Lets say my expectations were unsure as to what would happen for the reception night at Starbucks till I got there and I really hoped more would have showed up....well then...

The next morning which was yesterday...some tears where shed and acceptance of the situation came...I wanted to make sure I didn't feel the hurt any more and said to myself no more art reception...I'm not doing that to myself.. but that can't not happen if I still make art and still show it in I'll just have to suck it up and go with I walked and walked and walked yesterday morning...packed the pockets for a few stops on the way...

Like a stop at the Dominick's to get a gift card to mail out to a dear friend that provided music for the Starbucks reception night and then off to the bank and then treated myself to breakfast at Panera Bread...felt so much better that I did that....I came out of my home instead of sitting on the pity pot...

It felt so good to get a nice pace going and feel the body responding to that with the sounds of the winds...Oh the winds of change were upon me felt that for sure...the winds of attitude changing I would say..It was great to see a few of the Crows out there swooping around with high winds and the small winged ones all chattering way..

After the breakfast I walked home relaxed and making plans for a road trip...I had not been able to make it to Union Street Gallery to see the show there..

First place winner a young gal...glued book page from an old book together and then wove them into the piece below.
I really like the piece and would have given a first price too...amazing to me where paper can be woven in and how it looks with bits and pieces of words coming out.  I'm sure there was more to this but I had many more stops to make.
My piece hanging up on the wall.  36 x 36 Connections.
These two photos were very cool as of the artist did 100 drawing in 100 days and then displayed them with collage materials and then are just hung with the bull nose clips...I love it.

Words and Numbers which I have a juried piece in..wonderful show..Then I headed to Tall Grass gallery in Park Forest to enjoy that show...

had good intention to try to be in the show but just had to let go of something.. I just love the size of the pieces  aren't they grand?

Then I wanted to get to McCord gallery in Palos Park...which I had know Idea a collage workshop was going on with the Collage Collective 2 group. Was hard to leave as the some of my dearest friends and student where there teaching the cool is that. I saw the works how wonderful..didn't get and pictures was to busy chatting with everyone but a lovely exhibit of collage.

By the time I got home the husband was cleaning out his side of the closet....yes that's right cleaning his side out...OM Gosh...I was totally shocked but I relaxed in the chair while he did that and then we went to Sam's Club and had some good laughs at ourselves, which is the language of the heart right?  Went to dinner and home  filled my day with so many things...So to end this I'm sadden to say my piece didn't get auction off and still hangs in the Starbucks along with  27 pieces...And as I heard a few times yesterday on the radio..time to solider up...and on to some homestead duties and pull out the display panels and see what my lot is with them as of will they fit in the new Transit??? and if not what kind of fancy work with the husband need to do. 

My rocks to day are so fitting too...I'm to take life and do an easy does it today and let go of perfect...

boots are on and marching to the drummer in my heart~


  1. Love to you tender heart, Laura. But know your creations are seen, felt, heard as art from that beautiful Heart. Keep creating from that wondrous place and it will bring you where you need to BE.
    Light and LOve !

  2. Hi Laura!
    I went to the USG this week too! It was my first time there and I LOVED the exhibit!! I have to tell you, I read your blog everyday and I see your work here and love it but, when I see it IN PERSON, I am BLOWN AWAY!!! The photos just do not do justice to all the textures and details!! I felt the same way last summer when I saw your pieces at The Flying Pig! So I'm sorry to hear you feeling so down. Just wanted to let you know I think your work is awesome and I know many others do too! And by the way, you constantly amaze me with your ability to balance the homestead chores with the studio time and business time and everything else!! I just can't seem to get the hang of that!!

  3. "let go of perfect" . . wise words . . a reminder here for me for me. I so appreciate you sharing where you are (lows as well as highs) and honor your honesty!

  4. Thanks ladies for you kind words...being honesty feels better and helps one get through whatever there dealing with...clean slate and ready to go..

  5. I COMPLETELY agree. It helps me move foward. There's something about "letting it out" that lets one move on.

  6. Thanks for your comment on my piece and I feel for you about the down feeling that we sometimes have! Darn it when that happens but sounds like you're ready to leave that behind and move on. Good for you. Wish I could have made it to one of the receptions, but had family in on Friday. I did see the exhibit last week tho and it is great. Now to get to the Union St. one. I wanted so much to enter that one with the "words and Numbers, but cant' seem to get everything done. At least I did finish the one commission!! Hope to see you soon! I am also so amazed at how you manage your time!

  7. I agree with Kim. You are a beautiful person and you have a beautiful heart, and we all love you. Everyone seems to be searching for more time to do things and keep up with everything. It'll all be okay. xox

  8. This business of being an artist can be a tough one. I know you put 100% of yourself into what you create and what you create is sensational. The outcome of one exhibition/auction is no reflection on you or the amazing quality of your work!! March one!


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