Saturday, March 19, 2011

No Pictures but a really eventful night

I was all packed up and ready to go...surprising...the nerves where there...should I be worried?   Usually it's a sign to stay on your toes and be ready when I feel that way or is it that I let go of perfect?  So what ever it was I made it to a construction site in side the bathrooms open on the first floor...hmmm how is one going to get water...So glad I got there early as I ventured around the build and found the bathroom and was able to get some water...Came back down stairs to a few members waiting to get into the room. Seems they all weren't sure what was going on either.  Well this is when you pull in all the mom skills and improvise with what you have.  The Security came and opened up the doors and in we went...Scrambling to figure out what things should be...light was very poor so we huddled around to the area where it was the best.  Set up some table and more came..There was some adjustments as others came in so the tables were set right for everyone to see...(good idea)  I did need to make an announcement as of what I needed and again more adjustment and I thought how artist are so good at that...working with what they have and making the best of it...all for the simple act to create. There was a bit of a small ceremony for the Student awards of an art show they had....kind of light but then off the student's went and I was left with about 12 or 14 artist willing to give it a collaging I mean.   Gave my little talk and we jumped right in.. I know I skipped a lot of the steps that I go through in making the papers etc...but again I need to know what I wanted the group to experience with this and it was the ability to create a collage smoothly and that they did...everyone was able to create the little 6 x 6 collage and cut off the tape and ended up with a finished piece...they were all amazed at what they did.  I explained that I had the packets ready and I picked up out the papers for them and that there would be limits and the limits push one to be more creative...I so strongly believe that...and I think that was what they were able to pull out of it all...they were pleasantly surprised by the effort they put into it..

In the afternoon before the mini workshop event I spent a good three hours or so working on my piece for the Downers Grove Exhibit with the MCS group..not sure how it will all come out but I'm happy with it...

Off to working a few more flower beds this day and some more time in the studio..Hopeful I see a friend in from North Carolina today...

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  1. Nice...going with the flow! Have fun with your visitor!


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