Monday, March 14, 2011

Nature always has her way with me...

I was able to make it outside...I had wanted to start sewing on my display panels but I think I'll leave that for a rainy day..and I do mean a rainy day as I always sewed on days like that..and there's a few coming in these next couple of with at lest bring out a panel to see how well it fits in the Transit I'm able to move forward on that...but only when the rain comes...
So finding out that if fits and excited about that...I couldn't help myself but stay outside a bit chilly but so grand especially to hear the Sand hill Cranes go over..I tended to the sticks and burning my dried grasses I leave up all through winter..some cut them down I don't...Part of the early spring cleaning of the flower beds and leaving some of the old growth around starts some decomposing and adds back in to the nutrition's of the earth..Saw a few earth worms to... good sign..there coming up. I think I was out there for a good 3 to 4 hours and ware out he followed me back and forth to the fire pit area...He wanted my sticks not his...goofy guy.  I had to call my dad later when I came in to bake the banana bread (had some banana's going bad...6 loaves) and let him know the cranes are heading up soon...Only to have him tell me they are there already...but I said more are coming..We are so lucky to be right over the Migration path of them and may other birds too. I will be seeing the Black Eagle/turkey vultures coming and circling and more Red Tails in the area besides the ones that stay around..  So it never fails Nature has her way with me as she can pull my right out of rut and get me back on track.  My mind this morning was racing on and off the morning pages...Ideas flooding in...feeling like no time to bring them to the surface and make them happen... And a bit of a dilemma as to what piece do I bring to the J2 Gallery as I can switch out work I want to bring the three different 13 moon piece or something else...I will give it a day or two to think about it...Keeping a positive spin on it though I've not sold any work there in the past Year and a half...I'm waiting in inspiration as to what pieces call out to go...

Well on to a lunch date today with a artist friend and a bit of running around...

I just wanted to add...I'm pretty open about things I put on the blog by doing that it helps me, the artist, wife and mother get through some of the pot holes of life...and I do get through them...and what I'm realizing is I must go throw, don't really like to but I must and with that I'm growing as a human being and woman.  So not to sound all depressing the last day or can see I climbed out and pass it...and I guess the perception to be on all the time is hard,  one can't do that...we have to deal with life as it comes and sometimes dealing with it isn't the easiest thing but tucking it away isn't going to help no being out there and honest with things is really a selfish act I take for myself and then let it be what it is to others.. ramble, ramble and bumble along but always moving forward...never staying stuck -progress. I can always count on her....Nature that is, She's my hero!


  1. So glad Mother Nature helped you through.
    I am learning that the ups and downs are so a part of the whole journey. But man, does it feel good to be heading back up.
    May your hero bring you sweetness of all kinds this week !

  2. Hurray! Nature has such balance & acceptance. Like the ocean and the tides, life ebbs and flows; the ebb contracts, the flow expands. People are like nature too.


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