Friday, March 25, 2011

Nation Collage Society Postcard Exhibit

I just received my postcard reminder for the exhibit through the National Collage Society but I have to contact them as the Midwest Collage Society is a regional group and our dues are in the process of bring renewed now and I don't want to be paying double...(need to contact them and see what to do)  but if things go as it might, I would like to enter this little postcard...The theme is Wish you were here..."to witness the hatching" is the title of my piece.  (4 x 6)

I spent some time in the studio cutting out a large printing block for my piece...still so unsure of this direction, but as the days go by I've been spending more time with it and it's starting to grow on's becoming more familiar to me and not so new and odd. "Oh gosh right now I have a group of big breasted robins bopping around my back yard they are so grand..."  cool to see, there looking for the food.(sorry the attention never stays in one place for long)  So back to my piece...the other day I was looking at my work and thought, the amount of action going on in them...There is a lot and how that so correlates to my life as the better I am at putting the stuff on the canvas, paper or what ever the substrate, the simpler and calmer my life becomes...Again I think that's from Artist Way book, but it's so when people are looking my work it might be a little harder to look at I guess if there is so much going on...well what can one do if the creator steers me that way I must go...

I posted these three piece of four for you to see again...they will be in a National juried Exhibit at LaGrange Art League "Facade"  next month. Again a bit of a refresher on the meaning and how they came about...I went to Door County with my Art buddy Doris Lein,(cousin) and we had the grandest time, cold, rainy and dark at sometimes but our hearts and souls were filled with water and rocks...smooth ones at that time, a few buckets fulls...joke was to check the van to make sure there was enough air in the tires for the trip home...any ways when I came back I was so inspired by the trip that it came out in this series...and I knew there was a name for them as of stacking rocks and I think Robin or one of the gals let me know what the native name was...

Inukshuk's -Showing a path, means simply that someone has gone here before or passed this way. The Inukshuk is a distinctive landmark to native Inuit travelers on their journeys in the Canadian Artic environment. This is a hostile and an un-forgiving environment and any sign of someone else being there is comforting. 

So now you know the meaning...little did I know this but I did now about marking or leaving something behind by stacking the rocks..they don't normally in nature find there way like that all stacked up.   So I'm sharing this again with you for a different reason also, these three piece were entered in a Art Fair jurying selection and I was rejected to the art fair...I won't mention the name because I don't want to project negativity...What I do want to share is the response to the pieces and possible why I wasn't accepted I was told...  "they were too dark and depressing...

I'm so thankful I have my memories captured in my work about my time away in Door County...this is always my interest as of who and what calls it opinion of others can be so hurtful or not...I'm not taking it hurtful at all and mainly because I know what this was about and it was nothing like dark and depressing as they might seem to think it was about moment of pure joy...

So now that, that's out I move on and keep the balls rolling in the positive unknown direction I'm going...there will be many more No's in this line of business and passion but if you really believe you are doing what you should be doing, you will continue to do it...with out a lot of struggles, there may be turns on the path you will have to take, because one knows how boring it would be if we just the straight and narrow path...

Well I'm a wordy one this morning...I guess all about working it out and living on life's terms and living that dream..


  1. i love these! not dark and depressing at all..full of optimism..the silver lining..the grit and the much beauty..not just in the slither of gold but in the grey too..a deep earthy comfort. anyway its all just perspective, right? treasures for sure..thanks for sharing.

  2. I totally agree . . not dark & depressing at all!!

  3. . . adding . . the different shades of grey are beautiful. I think these pieces are rich, subtle, and inviting! I love neutrals.

  4. Narrow minded comes to mind. How can anyone see 'dark and depressing'. I see beautiful balance; the contrast of light and Although now that you mention it I can understand why so many exhibits seem the same. People let their opinions cloud their judgement. I'm ranting. LOL sorry. I've always loved these specific pieces.

  5. Laura, I absolutely love these pieces. Just shows how diverse you are and creative! They bring peace to my heart and brain!

  6. The golds are brilliant! Just like they were against the grey skies in the rain... there weren't many of us out enjoying that beauty, most waited for the sun to return.


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