Friday, March 18, 2011

Mini collage workshop for West Suburban Artist Guild tonight 3/18/2011

Sample packet picture for Mini workshop tonight..

 Here you can see the little brown wax lunch bags I so love to use in my workshops...every one always asks about them and I have to say I purchase them from Whole Foods.." kind of old school"  any ways I cut 6 x 6 watercolor papers and pre-coated them...then I used my scrap bin and pulled out 5 to 6 piece of coated collage papers and throw in a few coated image transfers... I have a mini demo and workshop to present tonight to the West Suburban Artist Guild.. Knowing how the leagues and guild function I will really have limited time to loving it as of creative limits push one to be more creative(scrambling to present in a so little time)...I want them to get the effect of how smooth it is to collage like this...and with a image transfer the use of the hair dryers for quick drying time the program will be over before we start...well that's plan A from me...but always prepared to be flexible and jump in for adjustments as needed. (buckets for water, extra extension cords...and misc. stuff to quick clean up..)  got to keep it flowing.

sample 6 x 6 collage in my packet

I took picture the whole way through so I could give a hand out to the people tonight, need to tweak it a bit more but it got me thinking about the little collages...all neatly packed up read for their creativity. I love it..mainly this will be abstract like this one here but you never know...I really was thinking I should do that make up packets and let myself have at it sometime...or for another class project...Oh the wheels start turing and I need to sit down...I overwhelm myself sometimes... teehee. 

So you can see the days plans are set in motion and I need to get myself going...I do need to stop in the LaGrange Art league to purchases a piece of glass for the Shoreline Series...odd size  11 x 27 but that is for the long landscape one I made first.. I still haven't heard from the gallery ..but not going to let the ugly side of the brain step in...( Ugly thinking in head that the gallery doesn't like the pieces and can't tell me, that's why the didn't get back to me) ...having to much fun bring them to completions and again if gallery doesn't like them Oh well I'll be showing them around at the Art fairs and I'm sure they will find a good home...

Oh I heard rain on happy to hear that I need to sew the display panels...sounds goofy but I've always done any kind of straight stitch sewing in the my old ways and traditions are kicking up and I'm feeling the itch again...Looking for the rain then it will start to change to a greener color outside. 

with a bit of head cold this morning I'm skipping off to tend to the list....

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