Thursday, March 24, 2011

All is Well- White Flower Moon

White Flower Moon

24 x 24 collage on canvas

950.00 + tax and s/h

Inspired from the book

Thirteen Moons on Turtle’s back

A Native American year of moons

By Joseph Bruchca and Jonathan London

One year Old Man Winter refused to leave our land, and so our people asked for help from our great friend, Ju-ske-ha, known to some as the Sun. He knocked on the door of Winter’s lodge then entered and sat by winter’s cold fire. “Leave here or you will Freeze,” Winter said, but Ju-ske-ha breathed and Winter grew smaller. Ju-ske-ha waved his hand and a white owl flew down to carry Winter back to the deep snow of the north. The lodge melted away and the trees turned green with new buds as new buds as the birds began to sing. And where the cold fire of winter had been was a circle of white May flowers. So it happened each spring when the Budding Moon comes. All the animals wake and we follow them across our wide, beautiful land.

I posted this image again on the blog because of this could be the moon that just passed or one that is still to come this month. It's the moon that is set in between the winter and spring season.. As you can read the poem that the author wrote..I let it settle with me for a couple of weeks at the most, gathering images ideas and creating the papers.   The whole series(13) took me about a year...long time to keep at it  but not to long compared to most...but for me it really was a long time to stick with see I get board really fast....but the two things that I'm passionate about is Nature and my collage work..bring them together and this gals is living her dream.
Now yesterday I never made it to sewing my display panels like I thought I would...just have to let go of it for now..My lists is getting in the way of my natural course of things and I best trust that for I went to face a fear -the big piece I'm working on...I pushing myself outside the comfort zone on this one so it is a natural love/hate or I know/I don't know relationship...I didn't feel blocked I just needed to sit with it as I shared yesterday and let it grow underneath a know like all the stuff happening here around us in the Midwest...Spring is here but not shown her face yet.  So going throw what ever it is that I still have to face is present big time...I brought in some printing and use of some different acrylic mediums...Can't show it yet as my skin on this one is too thin to do that only because I am pushing out of my comfort zone and I very sensitive with it...Make sense? 
So preparing for a workshop at the college on Monday and a workshop that I'm going to take personal this weekend at the Naperville Art League with an artist Marilynn Derwenskus...Kind of excited to do this...again I get to be the student..always good for me to do that...don't want to get a swelled head..always good to stay humble and willing to be teachable...though I do have my comfort place I don't normal like to pull out of but I do anyways. 

Oh and did call the J2Gallery yesterday and all is squared away...dropping off work on Tuesday...(yes!)
Ok enough with the jaw flapping or I should say finger jamming...

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