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South Suburban Conference High School Art Exhibit-Beverly Arts Center

South Suburban Conference Art Festival - top

Tuesday - February 01 -- Wednesday - February 02

Exhibit: Feb. 1-2

Opening Reception & Awards Presentation: Canceled Due to Weather.

Exhibit showcases 14 high schools in the south suburbs that are in the South Suburban Conference. Each school will be displaying, at the BAC’s main gallery, up to 20 pieces of artwork that represents the best from their art programs. A best of show in five categories will be chosen from the entire show – Drawing, Painting, Graphics/Photography, Sculpture/3D, and Mixed Media/Printmaking. Also, every school will be awarded a Best of School. Artist, Laura Lein-Svencner, judges the artwork.

I'm so please to present the winners of the show as you can see the reception has been I'm really glad I had the Teacher Donna Zaldo take picture for me so I could post them here..

Richards-Jessica Chaparro, (Rubber ducks)

Shows versatility with these select of materials, proving to us all that a simple object can be presented with wonderful form, value and technique.

Oak Lawn-Ariel Maskas-(young woman with golden apple)

The ability to show texture is a challenge for any 2-D artist and here she has master just that with the feathers on the wing, skin of the snake and the fullest of hair. The golden apple could be the only thing ones eye travels to but not in this piece of art.

 Evergreen Park-Krystyna Medvid-(Ceramic vase)

Combining the two strong shapes in this ceramic piece of art, shows wonderful craftsmanship, this carries into the glazing and choice of color, pleasing to the eye.

Eisenhower-Savanna Gockman-(young woman with gold hair)

The contrast between the young woman’s skin and her environment of her home is carried out so beautifully in this piece, suggests of love and peace.

Hill Crest- Youlanda De La Forre-(giraffe)

The ability to use the basket weave as new pattern was mastered with great form and value, would love to see more with other animals and different patterns.

 Oak Forest- Sarah Henery-(drawing, building)

Line definition and value are express with ease capturing the diverse textures in every surface, with great perspective.

 Shepard-Brittany Rose-(digital door image)

Repetition layered in time off set by placement of the door orchestras the passing of what once was. Inviting you to turn the handle on the door and participate.

Lemont-Gina……-(bird with red and white hat)

Placement, depth and character speak volumes leaving one with a chuckle and question, “is this a chicken hawk?

Reavis-Victoria Vega- (young woman black and white collage)

She shows us a wonderful use of diagonal and indirect lines from the young woman’s face to the sheets of paper, an astonishing compositional trail.

 Bremen-Luaraen Boulden-(Person sitting on a concrete)

The use of value, line and a hint of light invite participation to be present in the quiet and stillness of thought, highly emotional.

Argo-Wiolette Takasha-(Young woman)

The ability to push further and take risks is evident in this piece of artwork, working with the new and the old creating a wonderful combination of unity, excited to see more.


Tinley Park-Dariel Casey-(back view of the young man)

Making a conscience choice to view the subject from this perspective speaks loudly. Standing strong in the old saying “Less is more,” a very powerful piece.

TF North-Alexandra Harvey-(relief prints)

Details in design register beautifully in the first print and then are carried out with delicate precision with the two colors.


TF South- Christopher Holben-(watercolor horseshoe)

The perspective and use of watercolor medium is evident in this piece of art, inviting the viewer to pick up the horseshoe and join in on the next game.

 Best of Drawing-Daniel Marin-Reavis-(chin up woman and rib cage)

The beauty of a single line speaks volumes as the layers build depth and perspective to a very rich sensual presence, mastering detail, directions and intriguing us with temptation.

Best of Mixed Media/Printing-Albert Stockton-Eisenhower-(man behind fence)

The multi-repurposing of materials is present in this piece of art. The longer the viewer spends with this piece the more is revealed and a greater understanding is being told. Well constructed and deeply emotional in its presentation.

Best of Sculpture/3D-Jillian Rodriguez-(paper mache’ nerds)

Taking the ordinary and small in size to reconstruct larger is a challenge. The promise of more is evident with this piece and artist.

Graphic/Photography-Victoria Manna-(photo of skull, rope)

Composition and attention to detail are present with contrast between light and dark and life and death, and the simple subject matter revealing richness of time.

Best of Painting-Steve Taft-(watercolor girl in water)

Working with motion is evident in this piece, inviting you to feels the splashes of water and the flow of the mystery. Composition is fantastic.
Judges over all comment:

This exhibit is raw, real and your reality. The simple act of creating from the heart is something that no one can take away from any of you; your ability to express emotional thought through a single act is evident. Winners, every one of you already in my book, as you hang a piece of your self for us all to see. I am in awe over the amazing ability you all show at this time. Allow it to continue to be a part of your life. Keep exploring; experimenting and taking risk with your art and you will be amazed.

Judge-Laura Lein-Svencner


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  1. Fantastic! Wonderful pieces, how inspired the youth are!


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