Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Second day of Glass/collage at Ed Hoy's

 My job was to help the artist think more creatively and in dimension as of layers, so each day I started everyone off with a little collage exercise to warm them up, and not be so critical about their work and have some fun..being the class was about learning to techniques and all.

color wheel, and sample print outs of work and the great glass mediums to use in this process.

 well all fell in love with on of the artist samples...Sally's feet.
 The glass 4 x 4 sample tiles has to go in to kilns over night and here in yesterday mid morning we could peek in...Very important to let the glass tempeture come down slowly..or you would have some cracked pieces. 
 this is one of the student's works, some image transfers and segments of glass layered.  Some layers started out with the glassline papers  and paints to layers of Metal image transfer..not like the image transfer I use in the collage work but they give the same effect...These has to be printed on special paper and toners with a heavy content of Iron..
 Here you can see Robin's piece and the layers..amazing. I'm only sorry I won't be today to see them as they come out of the kiln..I'm sure the will be pleasing to the eye...she has always wanted to do this kind of work...she's a natural.
 Gloria is setting the tiles for a firing and they have to be set just right or glass could come out all over.. Need side walls and the use of special bricks to line the out side of all the tiles..
Here Gloria is showing us the proper way to set up the kiln for a good firing.. the kiln papers need to be cut only to the height of the tile no more and then there's a special clay fiber that goes on next...there all nice and cozy bumping up next to each other which helps them keep there nice square form...Oh there's so much to learn about the kilns and stuff I know I'm overwhelmed and leave to the expert's..I start getting glassy eyed when this time trying to read insurance papers or something...I shut down my capacitive to take any more in...the hand would take it in but the brain can't but the student there are used to working with glass kilns so it's all good news for them... well have to say I'm amazed at the way it all comes together... Now I have to admit that yesterday driving to teach with Gloria I was thinking...what size might I get to start off and do some nice size 12 x 12 cast blocks...Oh no?  the seed was planted...well off to tend to the homestead and family with some time to prepare for my journal class tomorrow...
I met some great people and hope to stay in contact with them as the year goes on..and watch their progress. it really is a small world as Barbara, Doug and Sally are from Door County...and know of the gallery the Flying cool 

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