Sunday, February 27, 2011

rock picking again.....

I was able to finish the three piece I promised to donate to the Dillman's Creative Arts Foundation this coming weekend and finished another piece for my compositions studies that I want to do and have ready for October's show at Downers Grove Library...I feel like I'm the pit bull that just latched on to the big old mission has been set and I'm heading that way...I take a bit more time on Sunday doing my morning pages and reading a bit longer in my mediation books and the book I've been sharing with some good book buddies. While doing that I picked my rock for today and it was "know your bounty" and my puzzle piece was Keep an Open Mind... again very interesting for me how these all pan out for the whole day...For me I'm gathering to be grateful for all that I have and that when I keep an open mind I can see it with a better perspective and not be so stubborn in my ways.   Also there are a few situation I'll need to make a choice on soon and not sure what direction would be best to keeping an open mind today on them would be a good choice and also knowing I'm in a good place with all that I have...My bounty... a good bounty at that.

I was able to fold the signatures all the other night and glue up the covers for my new morning pages journal I use of course in the morning.  I sat and watched an old movie..Pink Panther while I stitched the journal together..peaceful and relaxing... Which I needed as I have a very busy week ahead of me..

Today I'll be pulling out the art from the back storage room and picking the show for Starbucks and then pick some pieces for the Demo's coming this weekend and the exhibit at "Aloft " the same night as the first demo at Blick Art Materials on Friday March 4th......Yikes....?(also making title cards and price lists etc.) you might be saying but this is just the flow of opportunities I've been having and the river ride is good but a little more attention is need so I don't fall out of the big floating raft....

Oh were are the dishes and laundry to keep me I've said before all those no brainer jobs of tending to the homestead keep this lady grounded and protect me from going insane...As my step mom shared with me when I was growing up...these are Character building times...

off to know my bounty today and keep that open mind...I love rock picking.

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