Sunday, February 06, 2011

Presentation fold is complete and thinking about other ideas-acceptance letters

I've not had a chance to really feel the full effect of some of the mail coming it till this morning...I sent out two different applications for exhibit coming with my home art league and the other with a gallery in Chicago Hieghts...missed out on the sending my my Norris Gallery applications along with another one for Tall Grass Art in Park Forest...

Well I received my letters from LaGrange and Union Street Gallery and was accepted in both....Whahoo!  My gray and yellow series I renamed Inuktitut’s (Inuit for stacking rocks) and My Faceless people piece that is 36 x 36 on a cradle board...I have to admit I forgot the title and don't know if I put it on the back of the piece...Swiss cheese brain...

So today is a day to reflect on the the week that's past and I'm so grateful for having blinders on and staying strong in one things at time thinking instead of my multitasking I normal do...I put together the presentation folder and  feeling good about that..

Now today is a workday with the Midwest Collage society but I will not be going the whole day as I've got to work on getting ready for the tag team class Monday and Tuesday and my class on Thursday...along with juggling the homestead and tending to the critters... our pony and his side kick... grateful in so many ways.

Good thoughts out to old friends, new ones and family..

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