Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Three composition pieces donated to Dillman's for scholarship fund

 If Only-Composition I 8 x 8 collage on watercolor paper with stamped parchment papers, Citr Solv Nat. Geo. magazine pages, old book pages and letter transfer,  matted to the size 12 x 12
 Composition III 8 x 8 collage on watercolor paper, stained tissue paper, altered kraft paper and old book pages. Matted to 12 x 12 size.
Melinda, composition II 8 x 8 collage on watercolor papers, stained tissue paper, altered magazines and image transfer letters. Matted to the size of 12 x 12.

These are the three piece I promised to Dillman's on Friday for the Scholarship fund they they will be donated to them for purchase I presume... I will be at Blick Art Materials March 4 at 4:00 pm for a demonstation presentation. Then to rush off to the Aloft reception in Bolingbrook at the Hotel....will I be able to pack it all in???  I think so...Given birth to twins I can do just about anything....


  1. I love how you describe all the materials in your pieces along with the size.

  2. These are very nice pieces. Composition III is my favorite!


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