Saturday, February 26, 2011

Made it to the Studio

It turned out to be one of those days when what you had planned happened totally different then you would expect...I had wanted to get out of the homestead early but didn't get out till after 12:00...I had a few phone calls early and that lead into some listening time which is always good on my part...the listening that is. It's the biggest part of communication that us human being, myself included forget to do...we always want to tell, but not listen...So when I got my second phone call I know the day was out of my hands. I had my list to follow but it wasn't going to happen as I had set out.  Which after sometime I realized in the day that it would just find and dandy if it didn't infact if I didn't make to the studio till 5:00 in the afternoon/early evening that would be just fine.   After the attitude change my perspective on the day was really quite freeing....All that need to get done got done and Yes I did make it to the studio and got some great starts on the three piece I said I would give for the Scholarship fund through Dillmans and a Great start on another one of my pieces for my next 12 composition studies... I didn't have to cook and I was able to prepare myself the materials I need to assemble my next writing journal...

it was an adventurous day and I sleep well.

(pictures later)

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