Thursday, February 24, 2011

Just a happy, good Morning! No sun but don't need it today.

Off to class this morning. My puzzles piece said "think" and my rock said "Look"   hmmm what is that all about...getting the brain working a couple of different ways I guess but I just love it when I pick these in the morning it sticks with me all day long..

Was able to frame up the 8 pieces I had left from my 12 x 12's  not sure if I'll hang all of them in the Starbuck's Exhibit next month but there ready to go when ever I need them.. Plan on picking the exhibit this weekend as of what I'll hang there...need about 27 piece on the smaller side but I will be filling the walls..

Welp... best be getting going and readying myself for class.

Oh one last thing...I drop off more ideas for graphics on the Transit...hope Ben can come up with a good combo of things... I think we have a better idea of where I would like it to go... but may be a month or so yet..

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