Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"I am Enough" stone for today~

I pulled out of my stone bowl this morning, "I am Enough"  boy this is always plague me from very young age. Things I'm coming to terms with as the age of wisdom sets in. Great reminder along with my other little cup dive of "Easy Does it"  but do it...and I always get afraid when I pick that puzzle piece out of cup in the morning...because I have a tendency to work harder and I have to slap myself to do it easy.. 

I'm packing up the Transit this morning for class Day one of Session 2, always a fun class, we will be making the found papers, coffee ground papers, magazines papers and I think we will through in a few other found papers...hard as it may be to think ahead about what papers one would need for a piece of art...I usually let it go to chances and really have a good time...Playing and experiment and loosening up the creative process and stuffiness going on...

 Kraft papers, white lunch bags and found book pages, etc. will have it's surface explored to the max today in class. sample piece of the white gesso on first letting it dry and next week we will come in and add the color.
Can this really be as fun as it looks? Yes.. something about taking the risk to abuse a piece of magazine paper, end results will be some really exciting patterns and textures.  We will be sanding, crinkling and rubbing our hearts out...Sore arms tomorrow for sure. 

Well best bust a move so I'm on time...
good thoughts for family and friends and complete strangers today.

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  1. Lots of good thoughts you're spreading these days!


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