Monday, February 07, 2011

Ed Hoy's International Glass-tag team teaching with Gloria Badiner

I'm heading out this morning to teach a class with Gloria Badiner, I call it tag team teaching but I thinking she will be doing the most I know she will be doing the most...I'm there for spark inspirations and direction for design...Excited never have I done anything like this before. So as new as it is for the students of stained glass applications to move into more dimensional works, it's new to me to teach like this.  Keeping the mind open wide and staying in the Now of life and all will be great...I usually have anxiety about this but for some reason I don't today...I'm just grateful for this opportunity to be a part...More later....
Oh I was able to make it to the Midwest Collage Society workday session and enjoyed see a good handful of collage artist working and enjoying the long hours to create..was wonderful to see a dear friend Mary...she's getting back into the swing of things after her car accident and she's looking great and well rested. 


  1. Have to catch up with your posts, Laura. Looking wonderful! And that Hank! What a sweetheart! Look how big he's getting!

  2. I'm so glad you stuck with this venue!

  3. hi laura, i just recently discovered your amazing art and your blog and want to thank you for the wonderful tutorials you have created. what a kind, generous thing! i hope it's ok that i linked to you in my latest post.


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