Saturday, February 19, 2011

Can I ask for People? Addison Art Guild One Day Collage Workshop

Strange questions but was brought up a couple of times now in the last month...Can I ask for people to help me?  Wow what a concepts.. so many great directions to go in but it seems I need to wish for people to help me...jokingly having people to do my paperwork stuff and help out now and then...but I would loose the personal touch to goofy ways and the miss spelled words...So I say thank you to the one above for the load of work I have to do and the mundane tasks of cleaning the homestead to keep me sane and moving was nice though to hear the husband say he'd be my Roadie.

Sample piece
Green Meadow

 So now off to teach a full day workshop in Mini Abstract Landscapes at Addison Art Guild today all is ready to go and should be a grand time..."the Sun is shining, Can't ask for a better day".
I will try to remember to take some pictures...if not you'll have to trust me on this that we will have a great time.  Can't lose when you creative inner child is ask to come out and a group yet.

Tomorrow it the taxes today it ART!!!


  1. Love those landscapes!

  2. thanks April...I have to post the picture from the should see all the abstract landscapes. just beautiful

  3. Lovely green pasture! Sounds like some good days going on!


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