Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wooden Hearts

Oh how I love the imperfects of you can see this is my first try at using the jig saw and the scroll saw to cut my wooden heart...I dont know if I'll be able to finish them in the next week..That would be a challenge..but there's to be an exhibit of the Art Tribe again but it's kind of of not heard any info on it..but even if I don't finish it I'm on my way some where with it...don't you think...

I taught my first beginning collage class session at Naperville yesterday...went well.. after teaching for a few years now I've learned some things from  my students as of where there might need to be more emphasis on understanding the Design aspects in know the Elements and we are very basic with our exercises but the purpose about to be aware..not that everyone use or can use all the elements and principle of design in each piece of art they make but the can know what they like about art they look at and what they don't that way the can start to make better choices in their own works...So it was like picture lady in class and then I had 7 different image for them to each have and examine and the first class was a lot of discussion and interaction with looking at different kinds of art...I know I'm pumped up on it just talking about it..

Today is a big step out in the unknown for me as I will be working with an Glass artist and we will be sharing and working together Gloria's back ground in the art of glass and it's wonders and me sharing about composition and how to get worthy composition out of you work...(glass work)  so today I am the student and one happy and excited one...its one of those things that came my way and if I would have said no to it  I would never know about the beauty of glass....what is really added pressure is someone already said I could teach at there place when I ready...OMGosh...and I wanted to head down the path of assemblage...can both happen along with collage...hmmm I'll need powers bigger then myself for help with this one if it's to be...

Packing a lunch a snack, tea, water and my grubbies and apron with my note book, pen and camera...almost need a hiking stick if feels like...but staying indoors today...hmmm  but thats' an idea could pack my hiking boots and you never know after class session slip in a hike in the woods...Ok best bust a move...

special note: the supplies we will be using today... darn I get excited about this working with more tools...Yes!! do I know what this is all about?  No but by the end of the day I pray to be WOWed...

As far as a materials list:

Let’s stick to COE 90, Bullseye if possible,

24 - 4” X 4” 1101-30F squares

Scrap glasses, a mix of opaque and transparent and clear as well

Glassine paints (any you have open they are fine)

Glassline papers (any)

UV glue and lamp

2 – 4” X 6” bevels

Frits, powders, stringers (any assorted)

6 precious metal decals

6 transfers (like the ones Cheryl French makes)

Small propane tank and head (for bending stringers)

Kiln paper

2 sets of hand cutting tools and cutting boards


Wet saw

Glass glue

Some art brushes

Mosaic nippers

Mica powder

Any Hanovia lusters, or bright gold/silver/platinum paint

Paper toweling

Dremel with some diamond bits

A couple of small jewelry size kilns and shelves for quick firing

And of course the kitchen sink…..


  1. Anonymous9:17 AM

    Hi Laura-

    Yes, I have found myself wondering what variety of materials I could work with on GLassline papers. They come in a variety of colors, however I have wondered what would happen if I doctored them in certain ways. When you look at Glassline papers, they appear to have been painted to achieve the colors they happen to be. It made me wonder what kind of paint they use. (To be entirely honest, I wonder what kind of paper it is as well, in case I were to want to make my own )

    I did just get a shipment of Glassline paints and will be experimenting with them this week! I hope you had an inspiring day in the glass studio :) Brandie

  2. Hi Brandie,

    the glassine paper has ground glass and certain kind of color that that when you glue it on to the glass with a little, mind you little dab of elemers glue it will stay and it will have another piece of glass on time..sandwiching it and the when in the kiln it will do what it does and melt over it and you have a collage between glass. The paints can be painted right on top and then fired in the kiln...I think the one kiln Gloria started was to run for 4 hours... My skills will come in when talking about design and getting the students out side the box of stained glass and into a new relm of exploration....well that's my part of the tag team when the class starts up on Feb 2011
    hope you have fun Brandie you will have to share you trails and errors too. really fun to learn something new isn't it.

  3. Nice hearts! What a list of stuff, have to buy it all?


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