Monday, January 03, 2011

shared information

I had a great day yesterday and I want to share pictures but I also don't want to go over my time limit on the computer...yes I working on limiting my time sitting behind a computer... So on to the information that came in yesterday...I received a nice call from Barbara and I'm sorry I didn't catch her last name but she came to one of my Outdoor Studio Exhibits, She shared that she was in a place that my work would like great's in Geneva...I was excited to hear and then she said the name of the place and it's Artemisia...which I'm in there already I shared back with Barbara...but only one piece...thought that was cool...that she shared that...Then I've known for a few weeks a Sister Collage Sister was in an accident but asked to be home quiet and no phone calls but she was in the hospital and not many of us knew this till yesterday so....We/ collage people in this next of the woods have a fallen sister and we need to keep her going with cards and letters..  Her love of paper, books, and sharing her knowledges and a spirit of an angle has our heart strings begin tugged at right now..

I'm off to be involved more in my own life and keep the paddle moving in the right directions...
walks in the woods have been oh so grand the Red tails our out hunting...what beautiful birds of prey they are..

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