Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Session 8 Creative Writing Journal 101 part 2-final

 1. continued from yesterday's post the little house stencil and spread carries on...On the left you can see the bottom part of the page that only has the house and green grass area and on the right side is the top part with the house cut out and the blue sky. 
 2. again the page with the cut out house and how it works as a stencil.
 3. Using up all the cut out pages and stuff through out the book I have laying around on the work table I glued them on and gessoed over and let it be what it was...Bottom and top corners of pages with scalloped sections and a little circle cut out.. all glued on..adding some layered texture to the page..
 4. this is the second to the last page...just the left over color on the baby wipes I used up here and there and a few stamping...Most of the time I was chatting long distance to a dear friend while I was working so I wasn't totally into everything I was doing...kind of mindless but I have to say I'm letting that all go out the window on this perfectionism going on here and no censorship either...My God How Freeing that is I have to say there were times when I wanted to say I was sorry for a page...How Crazy am I....??? well I really don't want you answer that ..hahaha but part of the problem is the perfectionism that we carry along from some were early on in life that we seem to constantly try to get rid as we get older... well I know I've not licked it totally but I'm in the process of just enjoying the act of creating..

 Oh the photo images of the layers of pages...somewhere I've got a layer obsession going on...If you know you probably seen something like this before with handmade papers...Oh to have a stack of handmade papers too.  Can that just be ART?  hmmm makes me wonder about what I'm attracted to and it's the multies of something..
I always think if you have one what would it look like if you had cool would that look..
It took four weeks to complete the Creative Writing Journal,  and it will probably last about three months  of ramble writings and journaling so with many more projects and classes coming up if I enjoy these so well then I best start on another one now...I can't see how I'll every not love the feeling of a book in my hands, the ability to turn the pages, the smell of it and then my altering it by scribbling on the pages for notes highlights...I'm a book lover/junkie and paper lover...I may not read as well as I would like or write too but I do love a good book in my hands it full fills a tactile need..

If anyone else has been making a CWJ along the way It would be great to see what you've been doing...send me your pic's and I'll post lonecrow4 @  (omit the space)


  1. Anonymous10:32 PM

    Hi Laura,

    I really like your work and I wish I could attend your workshop but I live in California. How about having online workshop? I am sure it will make many of your followers happy.

  2. Great idea....need to work out the details...kind of a little goal for th year at lest a test run...


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