Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Session 8 Creative Writing Journal 101 part 1

 1. Strips of artist tape were laid down and gessoed over and then acrylic is added and stamps. I made the tape longer and folded it over on to the back side.
 2. Playing around with a stamp and creating a bigger image like a flower.

 3. Cut out shapes and used it again for a stencil on the next spread.. I really love the way it works and I know I'll be excited when I come to this page to write too.

 4. I got a phone call and was happily stamping the shapes when  realized I had dipped in to the wrong color on the palette...oops..oh well maybe it was meant to happen.. You can see the shape I cut out from the previous page. I glued it down on this spread...really adding more stress on the spin by adding to the book but character is growing.. I also did a few series of three hole punches to put some fibers hanging off.
 5. I was looking at this spread as I took a picture, thinking this is not a color choice I would have picked but it could work...green blue and maroon..
6. I like this spread mainly because of the birds on line stamp I made and while I was still chatting on the photo I was able to do a stitch up the page side...I was like on auto pilot when I was doing it before I knew it I was done...

7. My center stamping didn't work out as detailed as I would like...still on the phone and didn't want to be mean and use the hair dryer and kind of fanned it for a while and then turned the page and it still wasn't dry..bleed out...again still a great mistakes as it gives it a water color effect and who knows later on I may want to doodle on this page and add that detail.

more to come and the final pictures on this...


  1. Oh they look great!!!!

  2. All such bright and beautiful pages.

  3. thanks folks...A bit more red and pink on the last pages with a rainbow of color...


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