Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Session 7 Creative Writing Journal 101

 I laid out the last of the pages with gesso and I'm letting it dry till today...This has been an assignment I've given myself to finish and share with you all...it's also been a way to make sure I get to the studio at lest every day now for the last four weeks... I'm kind of liking that routine of things...and what's so funny is the kids are coming up to the studio to talk to me...Kind of cool as I'm working in there and if they need me I'm available...well here are the picture of the yesterdays work and I will be finishing up the last of it today hopefully and then I can start writing in it...I'm so excited I think the motivation was the need to have an any time journal to writing in and the one I had was used sparingly till this one was finished.. a bit crazed by my journals I know...I think this has been the first time I really allowed myself the time and made time for the importance to me about them...Passion was speaking loudly for it... so I follow it's lead. Here's the pictures from yesterday...

 1. I've not shown all the steps here as it's the same as the all the other pages...layer on the gesso first, letting it dry and then bring in the acrylics with a baby wipe and adding embellishments of stamping, thread and beading...etc.. Here though I did cut the shape out and used it as a stencil on the other pages next to it.. it kind of made a bird image..
2. I never know what color to start with, but I do look back and see what I've been working with and try to start with a different color...I was feeling  very grounded, so always the earth tones come out and I stared with them..and as I go along I play with the other color schemes...I realizing making this CWJ is a way for me to play with the color and feel more confident in my choices for later on. One never knows what play can do for you later in life...just happy to be able to allow myself this time to do it...I know last year mid year which is always tough, especially when I'm into a different mind set...(art fairs) it's hard to give in to the whim of this..but I have to do this more often...makes me feel better when I do...

 3. I torn out pages some almost all the page and other about half and then glued on the deli papers and allow the paper to over lap onto the page, adding textures from the deli paper to the surface...again playing with the many baby wipes with moist color on them to add just a bit more to the color spread I've created.. Nothing fancy or all that just a moment of creating and going with it..
4.  I had a mentioned that I wanted to do more stencil effect and show you on this spreads and here is a cut out shape that moves and I've added some yarn embellishment to.. the next page spread was effected by this also but I cut out some photo's to fit others. 
 5. Using the brown ribbon again on this spread with the stencil effect, I think the acrylic was a iridescent bronze so it didn't turn out has I would have liked it but I went with it...Happy mistakes are new direction from an old idea.

 6. Again I cut the page with the scallops and played with that shape and stenciled the spread...and then I came in with the hole punch and punched holes on the tops of the rounded bumps and used some purple/blue yarns I had.. I'm really excited about this spread...can't wait to write on it.
 7. When I prepared this page spread with the gesso before hand I had cut the half heart out and the door and was really excited to do something with it and so the pink red came int with the orange...I forgot about that color scheme and how alive it makes you feel...so I hung out on this spread a bit more thinking maybe I'll be writing on this page when it's Feb 14th...hmmm I sewed the beads on and made a bead chain that hung from the little door. there's the back side of this..cutting back on photo's though... I should count how many spreads I have in this CWJ when I finish..
 8. There are three spread pages with the shapes like this I played around with but this one had the most color to show.. I cut triangles out on one page then rectangles and circles on the last so when I brought in the acrylic it stenciled on the pattern to the next spread.  What fun!

9. The last of this session 7 I cut the one page not realizing I cut though a second so I went with it and i had the page shape cut out using up the last color on the baby wipes I brought it to the surface of the pages and if you can see the small stitch effect I used a tracing wheel I had and almost forgot about...I remember to use when I was remembering being in a workshop with Anne Morgan and she used the tracing wheel (flashbacks from home-ec. days with sewing, Jr. high) I ran it though the paint and rolled it right over each page top and bottom..made for nice feel to the spread... I really have to take a picture of the surface I've been working on....It's large but I keep pulling stuff out but I keep getting closer and closer to my work where the bottles of paint where falling over cause I was bumping them with may hand...All I can say is when I'm in the moment of play I don't stop to be neat and tidy and put it all way...My motto is "If your not making a mess then your not having fun" 

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