Saturday, January 08, 2011

My favorite hang out these days

I took some extra time yesterday to touch base on a few of my favorite things...first off sticking to the schedule of being in the studio each day or almost every day I framed up the commission piece...I have to say it went so smoothly...I do love to frame, cutting the mats and presenting the piece of artwork as proper as I can and putting the business card on the back with title, size and my info...Even though the piece was finished last week with varnish drying I really feel now it's finished.. after that I needed to tend to my little four legged critters and walk them..though it was a bit cold out and some winds blowing in we still walked the whole neighborhood.  Hank met a fellow four legged Thunder..chow,lab. and possible Dane mix...was good for him to meet and great keeps him social...Me too. You see there are a few of stead dog walkers around here and some dogs are a bit more protective of the whole neighborhood then after the walk I keep my layers on and went out for of went to the woods and not with out my Creative Writing Journal and my Life is a Verb book...I had a taste for the homemade tomato soup and not with cream it straight up roasted good and a turkey sandwich and some chips with a cup of green tea and kind of lunch...I was feeling so happy and I would have to say child like sitting there around 1:30 being present in my day and enjoy the best parts...feelings of gratitude flooded my gates...almost to tears as I sat there...thinking of a the home I have and my family and being able to do these simple peaceful things to recharge myself...
I had to come home though and get some title cards ready for the hanging at the aloft hotel....I have to say I was beaming the rest of the day and sleep really good..

Just a added bit of news...Scooby saves the day in the Chicago tribune this morning...


  1. What a great pair of heroes!

  2. Love your day...and your books...and you tomato soup! I also like the "straight up" kind - not creamy. My mom always had Campbells Tomato Soup when you didn't feel good, just made with water - no milk. I still love it!


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