Friday, January 21, 2011

Much Gratitude today

I met with a dear new friend yesterday and I say new as I've known her for a long time as of seeing her many times in the art league gallery and studio, heck she even took a few of my collage workshops..but yesterday sitting with her and discussing plans for the workshop I will be presenting to her group of woman was just so uplifting and eye opening...connections where overflowing. You see she works in a hospital with woman who have been diagnosed with cancer usually breast and ovarian cancer...they are at all stages, as of just finding out, in therapy or survivors.. She...Carole brings art to them..She is their Art therapist..a job that just happen to be created by her out of the goodness of her heart... Once a year she works with another woman and schedules a get away, retreat for them right here in my neighborhood of the Carmelite Spiritual Center...So she has asked me to give of my time to present a workshop (3 hours long) at the end of April...I'm so excited to met these woman and share my time with's such a wonderful things what she is doing for them..hard at time but so fulfilling..

So I was able to wander home after that, I needed some supplies for my class and some Bead Molasses for the chop suey I would be making for dinner..Well when I got home I noticed that my computer/lap top was acting up...the mouse would touch something and then drag it all over the place...well it so happens that the husband came home at that time and lets say he wasn't to happy to hear the computer was acting up. After being in the outdoors/cold all day and then to come home to have to fix a computer wasn't in the plans..but he's such a super guy he can't help him self and has to fix it then..So with much prayer..hahaha sweat talking ...after updates..checking to see if there were any bug etc the problem was something I could have fixed...I have a wireless mouse and use rechargeable batteries for it and some times others in the home use the lap top and mouse so it could have fallen and juggle the batteries...The husband then took the batteries out as a last resort and put them back in..and it started working...go figure that one out...I'm just so thankful  if I was on my own I would have taken it in to be checked out to see if it had an virus...The husband wants to remind me that the wireless mouse it not a tennis ball it doesn't another problem solved by the Mr. Fix-it Man..So grateful he's my fix-it man...teehee. 

I did make it to the studio which is really becoming a natural things these day...even if it's half an hour, it is so great.. to make the progress and I see that where things are head I will need to be in the studio more..mainly preparing for shows later in the year...I might be doing two in that means lots of work needs to be made...

keeping my peace and keep the papers glued down with gratitude in my heart..


  1. Oh Laura that sounds fantastic. I just love reading what's going on with you and seeing that the more you put forth into the Universe the more you get back. Beautiful! By the way, love Hank's update. Hee hee!

  2. Love that you're working at the Carmelite Center! Carole has such great plans with you!


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