Thursday, January 13, 2011

First day in class at Ed Hoy's International Class

 Here are a few of the handy dandy tools you need to start off grid underneath too...Glasses, snipes that are curved to snap the glass scrod by the green glass cutter and the pliers to snip off pieces.. Now I found out the hard way...but by mistakes do we learn...that the glass snips have to be turned with the line up and you line it up to the mark on the glass or you don't snap it right and you have glass all over...oopsy...
 We picked some glass and didn't even touch base on it but we had it there like sheets of paper.. oooo it...and as you can see we had the sun coming in the big windows...really nice.
 Just getting started and chatting away and breaking the ice so to say... You know women we are good with that...
 Just some supplies at this point I have no idea what for but took a picture any ways.
Over view of things...

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  1. Lots of new things filling the head?


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