Sunday, January 30, 2011

Faze 3 of the collage papermaking..

real tire tread for stamp, thanks Doris
 Polymer resist paper, national geographic pages with polymer stamped on, dryed and then Nevr Dull used to pull the magazine inks off...something I stumbled upon when I was in my playing's in the Technique book with the National Collage Society. Creating collage in all Dimensions
Just a sheet of alphabet stencils and Nevr Dull but I did the stencil one way and then turned and did it the other way..

 I found a Play Doe tracing wheel and ran it through the polymer and then to the surface of the magazin..Nat. Geo papers work best.. then let it dry and again used Nevr Dull to pull the inks off.
 Same as above but used a plastic spool from thread
 that tracing wheel again.
This magazine paper, (Nat. Geo.) had shelve liner underneath and then rubbed the surface with the Nevr Dull

 I figured I made about 70 magazines sheets of Collage papers yesterday and coated the backs today and moved into the kraft and white lunch bag paper.
 Using Gesso on kraft papers or if you don't have that you can use you paper food bags just cut them up.. I stamp, crinkle or smear the gesso around later when dry I'll come back in and use the stain tissue mixture and change the color of papers. adding texture and line now..
 Playing with some stamps I made awhile back and used a mini foam paint roller with some thread wrapped around it and it made a great wavy effect.
 I cut out a stamp that was to look like rocks or pebbles..and then I used the foam and cut strips and squares and glue them on to some wood blocks..but that was a different class a while back. 
 Here is a close of the wavy print paper.. I'm ready to coat the back before I add color to the surface you see now.
 By coating the back first it will be a sturdy paper to work with when I bring in the color on the opposite side.
My work surface left over from Thanksgiving when the kids where using it to create art..I added my own to it and taped up some spots. Wonder what it will look like soon...might make some great paper. 

Had to stop making paper for a good reason...Tania Reception today and here she is standing next to Pat a dear friend and art buddy..


  1. This all really makes me want to go play with papers!!!

  2. Laura...thanks for letting me know the collage papers instructions are on one of the upper tabs. I will look into this next weekend. Also thank you for sharing all the details of the papers with this next post. I would love to attend one of your classes but I live in Michigan. Maybe I can take a class during a weekend sometime. Your work and teaching is very exciting... thank you for sharing!!!

  3. Laura,
    Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring.
    Seeing all your wonderful papers made me want to get my butt in gear and make some magazine resist pages.
    I didn't have any polymer resist (truth be told, I'm not sure what polymer resist is...Can you clear that up for me?) so I'm like, ok, I've got gel medium, that's probably similar. Oops, can't find the nevr dull after the move? No problem, I've got CitraSolve. When a recipe calls for an egg, you can't substitute an onion for an egg just because they are both white and round. The gel medium kinda protected some of the image but soon turned into a goo. It looked like the page was covered in boogers. Not my most successful art attempt. It is good to experiment tho!

  4. Good to hear time got to love it..

    Kim, I'll be at the Dillman's I think I've got it on my side bar of this blog..dont' know if that's close to you? Just starting this year to do some workshops out of state...a bit different but exciting so you never know where the next one will be..I've been asked to teach an online class which still I have to work on details about that...

    Robyn, as you have found out the citra solv will gum up the medium on the surface of the papers.. great stuff but not for a resist...the polymer medium gloss is a Golden brand of acrylic mediums that I use.. it's milky but dries clear and glossy..when you use that it stays on really good unless it's really thin then when rubbing with the Nevr Dull it could come off but Happy Mistakes are great...good luck with things..


  5. Busyness. Great beginnings!


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