Monday, January 24, 2011

Bonfire is burning and gathering.

I received an email from the girls in the art tribe..seems we need to be showing our Heart projects at the meeting this Thursday Night...Oh my gosh...I keep thinking there was another week or two to go...My state of mind is way off somewhere else these days (not lost but wandering that's all) and I completely just set it aside...Thankful I was in the process of preparing I cut them out one night and the another day I sanded the tops and sides. Then there was a day there I primed them with some of the wood primer..and coated them with polymer to have them by taking the small, very small steps I put it all into action yesterday...I will show picture when their done...I do need to hit well, not hit  I mean stop into the Michael's Craft store for a few embellishments to add to them..but they have to be ready on the Bonfire is burning at it's brightest right now... 
I say hit to myself about going into Michael's craft store because if I don't I'm doing the wandering thing and then the gathering thing starts and I purposely don't get a cart or if by that time I can't hold what I have in my arms it's time to go..What's funny at this point I always get the clerk asking me if I need help or a cart....but by saying Hit to myself I know I've got to get in and out...Can't help whats been instilled in our DNA since the begin of the human race of us woman being gatherers... hahaha..  now where did my basket go...?

Starting a new book today with a group of ladies...looking forward to it..the book is Life is a Verb...( and one near by that wants to join..2x a month at Travelers Cafe in Westmont) My part it to gather the women...hmmm something about gathering again here.. After that I'm not sure what will happen but I'm excited to go, food and atmosphere is great..My oldest is off on Monday's usually and she's going to come too. She's been wanting to come out of her shell more and do some socializing with out gossiping so I asked if she wanted to join us and surprisingly she said yes...and she even read the begin section...(intro) ..well got to do some bill paying and hit the post office have some gifts to send out to my over seas friends and a few birthday cards..some need to bust a move. Jump into the day.. were'd my boots go???

good thoughts today for dear friends, art buddies and family members..


  1. Can't wait to see your heart project! And wish I could meet you guys for breakfast. I did buy the book ...if I can find it which pile did I put it in???

  2. My book is hiding under a few items too, but I see the binding. Can't wait to see those hearts!


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