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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

a bit of cleaning, making room and out comes the scroll saw...YES

I switched things up yesterday as I did my morning routine and then I did up the dishes...(No Dish Fairy came the night before) and I put away all the laundry clean folded and in baskets and struggled to make the bed as Sophie and Hank think it's play time....When the big blanket goes on I lift it in the air and Sophie gets all excited as it falls over her...crazy cat...and Hank thinks it's time to jump on when I stretch across the bed...(bed is against the wall) So before I go further I have to chase everyone off...The morning games... got to love it though...Then I headed up to the studio after a small bit of computer time...I was able to take picture of the commission piece and the CWJ.    but for I started working I cleaned up a area to bring in the worktable and pull out the scroll saw...Yes I did it pulled the saw out of the box...(there are a few other things I purchased a while back and haven't had the chance to bring them out and look at them.)  So this is what I final did with it..

I sawed the book...now in some eyes it's a sacred things but this book would be heading to a land fill if no one bought it so I using it and recycling it for a good cause...ART... not sure what the heck I'm going to do with it but I did it....I always help share with my kids the feeling I have right now for accomplishing this task, can't be given... to me it has to be me giving it to myself...I may be making a big deal about this but it's a life lesson thing...set a small goal and accomplishing it is a big growth step in the scheme of life...and I have to remind my kido's/ young adults this every once  in awhile when all their friends parents buy everything for them and mine seem to have to work for it themselves.... One way last a heck of a lot longer then the other....so I'm rambling and bubbling over with great excitement in just being present and doing...Living the dream is all I can say... Living the dream..in small bits and steps... or should I say hacking way at it with saw...


  1. Woop Woop! Congrats!

  2. Yes and now it sits for bit till I working in a new tool...so many projects... need more time in the day...


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