Friday, January 28, 2011

Art Tribe meeting-reflections

I went to my art tribe meeting..the art tribe was formed by a few woman artists over 11 years ago for the purpose of networking and support.  About 5 years ago I asked and begged a member to be in it too. Well that met me and voted me in as a member.  So almost every month we have met at each others homes.  I've not had them come to my home, one it's always underconstructions and to everyone lives out in Naperville and further west..and really doesn't want to travel this far east...Well I'm the one that travels their way which is just fine...(its important to me) and I'm close to interstate 88...We are having a annual exhibit of work come Februrary and we were discussing the final details at this meeting and sharing our goals..  I think I shared this already a few weeks back but I'm posting them again..

1. I will walk with my dogs in the woods and by myself

2. I will work on projects that I’ve wanted to for some time

a. assemblages and more book making ?

b. new work for fall DG library exhibit and LaGrange Art League.

c. collage and glass project.

3. I will be kinder to myself, emotional, spiritually and physically

4. I will cut back on the fairs maybe do only a few with outdoor studio exhibit

5 I will work on the inner peace and spirituality

6. I will be in the present more.

7. I will live life and see what she’s got in store for me…

8. I will not over load my days..

9. I will be ok with less,

10. I will go out to lunch more with like minded people.

11. I will continue to work on my art and provide some work for the two galleries.. staying in contact with them.

12. I will let go more and seek guidance.

13. I will spend time with good wise women and share good conversation and wisdom

14. I will see positive people and situation and let go of the negative ones.

This was the first time I left the meeting feel very confident and comfortable with my choices...sounds strange but I've been thinking about where I am as a person, artist and the goals. I shared with them that my art is already a big part of my life and it's there every day with me so I don't have to make that a goal...

We each seem to be doing a bit more thinking about that...I always like to think it's more about coming home in the heart and allowing the rest to fall into place...maybe it's where I'm at...but I was hearing it last softer ways from the women..

good meeting....

need to pick up and drop off work and then heading to my old high school friends house tonight for dinner..should be a great time..which is really something we/husband and I haven't done much we are looking forward to it..

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  1. Oh, if I spent some time to write out goals... I might get somewhere.


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