Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The three Questions to ask....

Elder's Meditation of the Day - December 21

"He [The Great Spirit] only sketches out the path of life roughly for all the creatures on earth, shows them where to go, where to arrive, but leaves them to find their own way to get there. He wants them to act independently according to their nature, to the urges of each of them.

-- Lame Deer, LAKOTA

Every person is created with purpose and with direction. This purpose and direction is written in our hearts when we are conceived. In addition, we are given access to a quiet guidance system which helps us find our purpose and our direction. We need to recognize this guidance system. It's called intuition, the quiet voice, urges, the knowing, or the feeling. Once we locate our purpose and direction, we are given skills, talents and abilities that are unique to only ourselves. We must practice daily prayer and meditation with God to find this information. To be solid and confident in ourselves, we always need to be able to answer three questions: why am I?, who am I?, and where am I going? If I can answer these three questions, I always know I'm OK!

Scary as this sounds I might try to go here this morning..with the snow on the ground blanketing me in I feel all introspective...or full of myself as some would say...I don't think there will be a wrong answer to these as it's a reality check questions one really needs to stop and check in on themselves now and then.
1. Why am I?   I'm created from to young loving parents whom had high hopes for a family and life?
2. Who am I?  Darn I say a young child at heart who still loves to explore as she did long time ago, and love to get dirty and just give freely and with out expectations. I'm one who carries lost of mixed up emotions that are giving a place to put them and deal with them through my art which then I make sense of it. And I'm many things all in a nice little rolly polly body...Child, artists, explorer, hippy at heart, earthly person, daughter, sister, mother, wife and friend. I'm sure there are more I can list but when ask who am I? I can't help but answers with many in one.. and I think by listing these things I see that they are actually different stages in my life so as I get grayer and whiter on top I gain more who am I's....
3. Where am I going? Wow this is a good one to check in on and ask yourself.   I have to say inner peace and acceptance.  I say my prayers to never go stale and be a bump on a log or in our case a bump on a couch...and I feel that it won't happen as I've been given the gift of life and really enjoy being in it and walking on it the ground that is.  The where I'm going is a place that is able to be more at balance in life and if I can still do my art, tend the homestead, walk my dogs and garden and share a bit of love that's a great place to be going..
And now that I asked them of myself...I do have a stable understanding and a place of knowing and the knowing is just enough for today to carry with me and be at peace..

I remember reading a book by Lame Deer a while back and gain a lot of wisdom from it.. The woods are calling this morning...just might layer up and head out...

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