Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday morning and the snow is falling~

Snow is coming down, we are to get a good snow storm today... husband plows for a local village and he went to bed early last night expecting to be called out early but wasn' a good night sleep will help though when he's called out today.. I so love days like this.. each season has it's blessing and right now I feel I'm in one... no winds yet but they/weather man are calling for it later and it's to get really cold too.

I pulled out my walking sticks and headed to the woods..I've not been out there all by myself for the past few months because I've been bring the dogs so it was a special treat for me...I had my hiking boots on which makes a different work out and a bit slower pace with the snow...the path is laid out on top of the pea gravel by others and cross county skiers.  So you go with the flow on that..any ways it was a absolute joy...The woodpeckers and nuthatches chattering way and a few Cooper hawks smoothly and swiftly flying between the trees.   You can see so much of the land now with all the grasses and under brush down and leave down and falling off... just as I was getting back in the van I sat there putting my glasses back on and my seat belt to look up and see the doe and fawn walk by...I really needed to feel connected again  I seem to stray away by the dailiness of life and need to reconnect and walking in the woods does it to me every time. 

The book I've picked up recently is by Patti Digh and it's the Four Word Self Help.. simple wisdom of complex lives.  I had wanted to start the Life is a Verb one but this one was a quick but bold one filled with great stuff...lets say centering thought provoking very simple wisdom...something I've been needing to pull from.  An artist friend Barb mention Patti's book and I hadn't realized it but had a gift card from last year or my birthday I didn't use so I snatch up both of her books...OK I'll admit it now...I'm a self help junkie...I just love looking at ways to keep moving forward in life and feeling and living the best that I can...I guess I feel I've not gotten there yet and where I'm to get is the surprise...As I've said before and taken the saying "Living the Dream"   I just even order a coffee cup for myself that says that... OK just rambling off my rocker here..

Oh I need to put seed in my feeders as I sit at the kitchen table watching the snow fall my feeders are empty...though I know the birds will survive with out me it is a joy to see them come.. the little junco are in and of course the sparrows... I know the downy woodpeckers are in the back yard too..they come to the suet. 

So things on the list didn't get checked off... I will work  on them today which will be a pleasure in the studio  I have a present to make and some to wrap so I can check into where I'm at with the gifts and where I still need to go..


  1. Sounds like a wonderful morning. And oh I love those journal pages. I too can't seem to get myself into the holiday spirit this year. I'm such a Scrooge.

  2. Can I pin point what it is that makes me the scrooge? for me it's the time and pressure to be done with it all and I hate to shop..I use to make all my presents..but as the new generations comes in it's harder to make for them...and being selfish and giving up my time of creating in the studio...gosh I sound so cranky as Angela said but being honesty about it is help me get through it...also the brunt of the holiday has always fallen on the woman..decorating, cooking and shopping as you shared many times..I'm a gatherer but not a shopper so being the craziness is not my cup of tea....whine whine whine...I do love my family it's the materialness of it all... and you can't change all extended family to feel the same way so you go with the flow and soon it passes like this good snow storm we have upons us and change happens and live goes on...Ok feeling better I vented..

  3. Soon the holiday will have passed. Shop online! and fill up those feeders already. (I still don't have a tree or a clean house...)


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