Friday, December 31, 2010

Session 6 Creative Writing Journal Part 1

 1. I used a ceramic tool but I call it a skinny Awl and poked some holes before I added gesso or you have no, but in this case I did as I was thinking ahead a bit about what I might do with this spread.
 2. I use the cutting mat under the pages so I don't cut though, you can use cardboard or a mat board if you dont' have a cutting board.  I've folded the one page back and then I cut out a small door way.

 3. I turned over a page spread or so and added some gesso and started stamping into the gesso while it was wet. I don't make the gesso to thick but just enough to take an embossed object like the star cookie cutter. Use the hair dryer between pages so then don't stick. And you can put the deli sheets or wax paper between them too.
4. The little door I cut out before I decided to cut out a triangle and then play with the edge of the page and cut the notches out. I then spread some gesso over the surface.
5. Here you can see some color added to the pages..Again I use the baby wipes and squirt a bit of the fluid acrylics on the baby wipes and spread it on, taking off as much as I like or leaving on as much as I like...Play around with the value of the colors and blending them with others.

6. When I did the spread the hole from the triangle allowed the color to seep though on to the opposite pages spread.

7. I believe these photo got out of order but you can still see the different color schemes I played around with.

8. I added the string on the notched edges..seemed to be calling for it. and the door has a little latch attached to pull at if you want to.

9. The end of this sequence of page spreads I decided to just play with the color and not add anymore to it.. I like the way you can see the colors poking through from the other pages.

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